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C Better Daily CBD Eye Drop Reviews & Testimonials 
Astigmatism & Night Vision
Submitted by Jerry & Kathy
My wife Kathy and I both experienced remarkable changes after using your eye drops! C Better Daily is an
I am 63 years old. Kathy is 60. We both have astigmatism. Lights at night cause blurred vision. Details are
lost. For myself, I also have an issue with night blindness. We both wear reading glasses. We both
experience itchy eyes and a lot of eye strain, especially after driving any long distance. For myself, the eye
conditions are never absent. I always squint and strain to see clearly.
We were introduced to your eye drops at our local dispensary, Yavapai Herbal. At $60 a bottle I was
reluctant to try this. Kathy urged me on - she wanted them! So, I bought a bottle. I’m really happy I did.
Neither of us noticed much more than a soothing feeling at first. Yes, the drops do sting when you apply
them - we’re used to that now. This sensation goes away quickly. Soothing was great! So we continued to
use the drops. Kathy and I started using the drops twice a day - midday and evening.
Since we started about 15 days ago we have noticed something remarkable. Within 2 days I could see in
the dark!!! AND, I could see colors and detail, where before I couldn’t even see a thing in the dark! Kathy
experienced the same thing.
We both have now noticed our vision is improving at a steady pace. I rarely need glasses unless the print is
crazy small. There is no longer ANY eye strain... Kathy and I can see better than we could a month ago. We
consider this a serious improvement.
As an experiment I stopped using the eye drops a few days. Two days later my itchy eyes returned, my
vision became worse, and my night vision issue was again present. I started using the drops again and
things have returned to where they were before I stopped using your product.
You have a winner here. People need to know about this product. We’ll do our part to broadcast the
information through our social media channels and our radio program.
In closing, Kathy and I are truly grateful for your efforts to bring this product to the mainstream market. You
have done us a great service. It’s wonderful that our eyes are so comfortable and well-functioning again.
This would not be the case had you not tried to cre ate these eye drops. Well done, folks...
Macular Degeneration
Submitted by Venus W
Gina I took my mother to the eye specialist yesterday. After using the drops for2 weeks so far, her macular
eye degeneration has improved from 20/15 to 20/60. The doctor told her to keep using the drop. Just
keeping you updated from Texas! You are God’s answer to a prayer!
Vitreous gel detachment
Submitted by Arlene
I had an incredible visit with the retina doctor, he was so surprised to see how much my let eye improved.
He said I had 85-90% improvement than when I saw him 6 weeks ago. He said “I don’t know what you are
doing but keep doing it” I told him I was using CBD Eye Drops, C Better Daily. He wants to know more about
the drops, I will take more information to him when I see him.
-Oh, by the way I was diagnosed with Vitreous gel detachment. My retina had swelled so bad the gel
broke loose. Doc said it was caused by diabetes and possibly cataract surgery. These drops were a bit
pricey but it saved my vison.
Adie's Syndrome
Jeanne H
- I'm 70 years old and I've had two different sized pupils for the past 4 decades. The light sensitivity, pain
and headaches made my day to day life practically unbearable. I tried every prescription drug known to
man and nothing helped. Prescriptions only burned severely and didn't help any of my symptoms. I had a
slight stinging for the first minute until it was absorbed. Not only did I see clearer immediately but my pupils
changed to the exact same size in front of my daughters eyes. I can't thank you ladies enough for what
you do for people naturally.
Gina E
- I have terrible seasonal allergies as well as year round allergies. I take Benadryl and also use an OTC eye
wash that doesn't help with the itching. I finally got relief from these terrible allergies that put a serious
damper in my daily life.
Beginning stage cataracts/dry eyes
Anonymous AZ
-My eyes burn constantly. I also have beginning cataracts that blur my vision. After using, my eyes stay
moist all day, even with low humidity high heat. The blurriness in my vision has greatly improved!
George Z
- I've got cataracts in my left eye. My vision is terribly blurry and diving is getting harder. I was completely
against using these at first. I wasn’t open to help on any level. I'm 80 years old and very set in my ways. After
use I feel safer driving at night. I can see better, more clearly. I'm sorry and I'm humbled. Thank you Mama
Epps for not giving up on this stubborn old man. Much love Hun.
Cataracts, dry eye and allergies
Cheryl V
- I have diabeties and bad eye sight. It was getting worse. After the first use, no itchy puffy eyes and can see
clear After the first week of use it just keeps feeling better classes almost feel to strong cant wait to here
from doc!
Dry Eyes
Reginald E
- I have very dry eyes and wake up with red eyes daily. Slight sting when first applied. After the first couple
applications I had no red eyes when I wake up and much less dryness. I love these drops and will use the
sensitive version now in place of everything OTC.
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