Hemp Products

The future for Cannabis and Hemp is here!

We are very excited to be on the cutting edge of Alternative Cannabinoids™.

There are over 100 other cannabinoids other than cbd and delta 9 thc. We have the best products from hemp.  Our cbd is just the beginning of your Cannabinoid journey.

We specialize in bringing you innovative products and not just CBD.

Currently bringing you Delta 8 thc, cbn, and cbg products.

We have gummies, vape cartridges, flower, tinctures, dabs, drinks, and more.

We offer the best options for your hemp needs. Whether your a manufacturer, brand, distributor, online or brick and mortar store, or buying for personal and family use we have options for you.  We offer branded products, bulk supply, white label, and private label for cbd, hemp delta 9 thc, HHC, delta 8 thc, thc-v, delta 10 thc, cbn, cbg, cbc, thc-o, and more coming soon

Distribution, wholesale, and retail available on EVERYTHING!!