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Uncle Bud's



Created by a college student Garrett Greller. Since the age of 14, Garrett suffered from arthritic pains in his knees, hips, back, and ankles.

In a span of 2 years he had seen multiple doctors who were unable heal his pain. Most doctors blamed it on growing pains. They had him try nearly everything to ease the pain including:

Anti inflammatory pills that had me throwing up

$1500 injectable shots in my leg up 2 times a week

Topical pain relievers

Physical therapy, acupuncture, eastern medicine


After wasting thousands of dollars on medicines that did NOT work and had terrible side-effects, he feared that he was going to live in pain forever.

Feeling all hope was lost, a family friend recommended trying a CBD based topical balm that was only available at the local California approved medical marijuana dispensaries.

Of course my parents and I were skeptical. However, a defining moment for my pain control occurred after rubbing in the unbranded CBD based topical rub. The pain subsided. This product worked better for me than anything I had tried up to that point…


Garrett is now a 21 year old student at Indiana University and is no longer living in California. This means he cannot use the rub that was legally available in California, because it is a prohibited substance in Indiana.

Thus, was born the idea of creating and formulating a legally accepted form of hemp based CBD, called UNCLE BUD’s.


Our “Trusted Family Formula”, CANATREX™, is what made Uncle Bud’s really work to ease my pain. CANATREX™ is blended with legal CBD and additional natural ingredients like EMU oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, and Methyl Salicylate. Now I have a legal and effective solution to treat my aches and pain, and get my active life back.


Check out Garrett's Story at the link below..


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