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Case Coolie

The Case Coolie is a sleeve that fits around a case of cold drinks that will keep your drinks frosty for over 10 hours without ice or ice packs. Simply grab your drinks and slide your case (up to a 30 pack of beer) inside! The double layer of insulation keeps your drinks from warming up and the convenient handle and shoulder strap make it easy to transport. Weighing under 3 pounds, it does not add much weight. When you are finished, simply collapse it and use it as a seat cushion!

 The Case Coolie was designed to hold a 30 pack of cans and works best in that situation. However, we have had customers use the Case Coolie as a lunch box, to transport frozen goods and even to keep food warm! The Case Coolie's very effective thermal barrier makes it a multi-purpose product that can be used to keep anything cold or hot. Just don't try to do both at the same time!

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