HHC disposables, drinks, carts, gummies, and liters hhc wholesale is a great new cannabinoid from hemp to bring into your stores. Buy Legal THC Online with HHC today HHC is short for “hexahydrocannabinoid”.  It’s a hydrogenated form of a cannabinoid, which is achieved using a specialized process.  In other words, HHC does occur naturally in pollen and can also come from hemp cannabinoid conversion. A controlled amount of hydrogen is introduced into the chemical structure of a specific cannabinoid, and this combination is exposed to a catalyst such as palladium, platinum, or water methods which yields a chemical reaction that changes the cannabinoid on a molecular level by giving it distinctive chemical properties that it does not possess in its natural and unadulterated form.  It’s thus converted into a cannabinoid analogue of its former self, which allows it to retain the properties with which it’s associated but changes the manner through which they are absorbed into the body.